Monday, October 01, 2007

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hey all!

Just wanted to send some quick information about the last month!

One big element to this last month was the start of the new Calvary Chapel in Feltre. Feltre is a mountain town north of Montebelluna that has never had an evangelical church, and now it does...! We have had a couple Sunday evening services and our midweek studies already take place. The first sundy of March, Dave Guzik will be comming down to do an dedication service for the new location. Be praying for Craig as he is now going to be pastoring two churches for a season. Above you can we are in the process of constructing walls to separate the kids area from our meeting room. Be praying for our evangelism in this city and the establishment of this new work!

We have a new family that arrived from Calvary Chapel Okinawa to help in the church for a season with the desire of one day moving on down to sicily to start a church. While Damian and Sandra were stationed in Sicily during their time in the Navy, the fell in love with the area. Be praying for ther imersion here, lanugage learning to make its progress and the finalization for their documents. Above Craig and I are helping them assemble ther household furniture! Go IKEA!

Thank you all who have assisted in this work, no man is an island, I am connected to you all who have invested in my in times past. Thanks for your love and support!

For this next month you can be praying for:
  • Carlo and his wife who will be joining us in the next few weeks. They too are moving here with the intention to launch out and start a work as the Lord directs them.
  • Craigs health as he continues to have issues with his heart and lungs. A problem that has been affecting him for the last ten months or so.
  • We have an outreach team comming from New York in March, be praying for wisdom and direction for that.
  • In April I want to take some of the Italians on a mission trip to Kosovo. Pray for open doors.
  • Also it is on our heart to do a bible college here one day. Pray for land/building, staff, and wisdom for that seemingly impossible work.

Monday, January 29, 2007

January was a great month. Damian and his family arrived saftely. Be praying for their ability to find a house easily and quickly! I cannot believe how time seems to fly by so quickly here, Feb. is just a few days away!

Last week I was super fortunate to go up to Siegen Germany for an annual pastor/missionary conference that is held there. Pastors come from all over europe to meet, pray, and seek the Lord together. We had a great time together; super refreshing. We bought our airline tickets for only 27 euros round trip including taxes! Unbelievable really. Above are pictures of the Bible college there, the church in Siegen, and one of our daily meetings we had together. Be praying for us as we continue to take steps in the direction that we feel the Lord has laid before us as we seek to plant churches in this north eastern area of Italy.

This is our church sign! Not super exciting...I know...haha. I want to start using this website though to keep people updated on life here and the simple elements of my day.

This is the view of the main road in the simple town of Montebelluna. Actually it is right out in front of my appartment. living so close I dont have a need for a car. Being in the center makes life real simple!

This is one of the families in the Church. Herods (the guy taking the picture) came over six years ago and four years later his family was able to join him in Italy. They are from Ethiopia and they made me and amzing lunch of traditional Ethiopian flavors on Saturday (I get really spoiled when people have me over for meals here). Be praying for my buddy Shaun who is currently on staff at the bible college in Hungary. In June he is planning on moving to Ethiopia to help some friends of ours with the establishment of an orphanage.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The beautiful mountain town of Feltre!

Craig warmed up to deliver the word at the new church!

Hey everyone!

I am going to try to make this the place of information about what is going on here in northern Italy with the churches that we are starting...I am not so good at keeping people informed, but I will try to keep people up to speed. I have found that the traditional newsletter can be quite annoying for both sender and reciever. It is hard for some to download files and hard to send aswell as often emails as such get rejected by internet services. So here you go!

We are starting off the New Year with a lot of new things...

There are a few new families that have arrived or will be arriving shortly to help with the work here in northern Italy for a season.

We are starting a new church in the City of Feltre, a city that has never had an evangelical church that we know of! Above you can see two photos of the location and one of the City of Feltre backdropped by the Dolomite Mountains! A-maz-ing! Be praying for the Lord to raise up the right pastor for this work as Craig will be pastoring two churches at the same time until this work can be transitioned to another.

Currently we are looking into different properties to purchase in order to start a school of discipleship. Be praying for wisdom, property, staff, and vision for this work.

Also be praying for our trip this next week. Craig, myself and two other leaders from the church will be going to Siegen, Germany for five days. Pray that God would give us vision!

Ciao tutti!